22 Jan Tnc DivyaB [Offline] / In temple yesterday
It was "Thai poosam" yesterday, an auspicious day for Lord Murugan in Hindu faith. I wanted to visit the temple so I decided to go with my mom. As it was a special day and the destination is temple, I wanted to wear something traditional.
My first choice was saree. Recently I bought a cotton saree which is a red and black combination and I looked so good in it when I wore it last time. Even though I am good at wearing saree it takes time to wear it nicely. So I thought of wearing a skirt and tops which looks traditional.
I ironed my cotton skirt and tops which is one of my favourites. I was shocked to find my tops little tight when I wore because I bought it a month ago. Not that I have gained weight but the cotton cloth shrinked after wash it seems.
I felt really irritated because all my salwars are cotton and I need to iron again. I just thought of choosing a synthetic material and I took one of my skirts which needs no ironing and a t-shirt. I would not suggest it for temple but I was already late and just got ready in a hurry.
I picked up matching hair clips and hair band and tied my hair in plaits. I wore metal bangles matching my skirt. I am ready to start now. I don't put makeup but still I need enough time to choose my dress and get ready.
It was already 4.30 by then and we moved out of the house and went towards the bus stand. I withdrew some money from ATM for bus tickets and other expenses. We got the bus in 10 minutes as buses are frequent in my area. We got down in GH stop and walked from there. Our destination was chandrasoodeshwarar temple, it was a famous sivan temple in Hosur located on the hill.
Though it was sivan temple, I know celebrations will be there for thai poosam. There was murugar deity present in the temple as well. There are few steps to reach the temple if you go by walk. We reached there in time and the pooja had just begun. We waited for few minutes and then did the prayers and got kunkuma and vibooti prashadham.
We visited the whole temple and came out. There happened an interesting thing which is called golden chariot-pulling(thanga ther izhuthal) and we got to see that. They take a certain amount to allow a family to pull the chariot as a part of prayer to Lord from temple. So anyone who is willing to do it can pay and make the wonder happen.
Chariot was looking nice as it is made of gold and I was seeing for the first time. We offered our prayers and then the chariot was locked up in a room. We were all offered puliogare and pongal. I bought some snacks from a shop over there and finishing all that, we started leaving.
It was around 7.30 and there was no light near the steps. I was busy chatting with my mom while climbing down the stairs, suddenly I slipped and fell down on the steps while the water bottle in my one hand dropped down in other direction and I was dragged down to 2 steps in sitting position and stopped as I had balanced with my right hand.
It took some time to recover. I got up with a scratch in my right palm which is still aching. I was lucky in one way because I had escaped from a major injury as it happened on the top of the hill. I should have been more careful.
We reached the bus stop after few minutes and I had a plate of idlis in a road-side shop. Then our bus came and we reached home around 9 pm.
18 Jan
full kat kattiyachu pa
rehana [Offline] / யதார்த்தமான உண்மை..

சேலை அணிந்தால்,
காற்றில் பறந்த மாராப்பினால் இடை தெரிந்ததனால் உணர்ச்சியை தூண்டியது என்பாய் ...
பேன்ட் சட்டை அணிந்தால்,
உடலோடு ஒட்டிய ஆடை தான்
என் உணர்ச்சியை தூண்டியது என்பாய் ...
பாவாடை சட்டை அணிந்தால்,
கென்டைக்கால் தெரிந்தது தான்
என் உணர்ச்சியை தூண்டியது என்பாய் ...
முழுதாய் முக்காடிட்டால்,
கை விரலும் , கால் விரலும் தெரிந்து தான் என் உணர்ச்சியை தூண்டியது என்பாய் ...
பழங்காலம் போல் அடுப்படியிலேயே, பெண்ணை விட்டு வைத்தாலும்,
"பெண் என்பவளையே நான் பார்த்ததே இல்லை", அது தான்
என் உணர்ச்சியை தூண்டியது என்பாயோ ..?
உணர்வு தூண்டல்
உடை எம் தவறு எனில்
மன்னிப்பு கோருவேன் ...
15 Jan
]]_AurOra_[[ [Offline] / Happy pongal

smile Tamil mathangal ah sirapu vaintha matham nah thai matham sollalamsmileathunalathan "தை பொறந்தால் வழி பிறக்கும்" nu soldrangasmile antha thai mathathin muthal naala than pongal thirunalagavum tamil puthandagavum celebrate pandrom.enjoy.yellarukum pongal pathi nalla therium... Enaku therinchatha soldraen 1000 varusathuku munadi irunthu pongal celebrate pandromnu oru santrum 2000yrs munadi thoondri irukalamnu enoru kuttrum irukusmilepongal ah aruvadi thinam ah kondandromsmile 4days
Pongal nah sapitura pongal nu matum meaning ila pongki varuvathunu meaning nama veetula pongal nala pongki vanthal antha year fullah yella nalamum valamum irukum enbathu aithigamsmile

smilepoogi pandikai
smilethai pongal
smilemattu pongal
smilekannum pongal

smilepoogi pandikai:
smile."அல்லவை அழிந்து நல்லவை வரட்டும்"". smile"பழையன கழிதலும், புதியன புகுதலும்" enpathuku erpathan namah poogi kondarumsmile annaiku athigailaiyae elunthu kulichitu veetula iruka Thevaiyatra old things elam theeyiledu eripangasmile

smilethai pongal:
smileannaiku yelarum morng elunthu new dress elamai wear panioanga. Puthu panai suthi manjal kilangu vaichu decord panuvanga suriyan thisai nokki.. Panaila arusi,vellam,milk elam serthu pongal vaipanga pongalo pongal kulava poduvanga aparum pongum mangalam thanguga enalum soli eraki vaipanga.. Neibours ku elam.pongal karupu,banana vaichi yeloraium share pani pongal sapitu happy ah irukum.enjoy.smilesmile

smilemattu pongal:
smileintha pandikai vivasathuku help pandra kaal nadaikaluka celebrate pandra pongal. Apo mattu elam kulika vaichai.. Kombulai colour poosuvangai.paint. matta alaga decorate panuvangai.smilepongal vaichi maadukaluku kodupangasmile

kannum pongal:
smileintha day la relatives veetuku elam povangai.enjoy. ethai mainah vata nattil celebrate panuvangaismilekanniyakumari pakamai kani pongal nu celebrate panuvangalsmile

15 Jan
Androwilson [Offline] / .pongal1. பொங்கல்.vioflwr.
smile பொங்கல்smile பொங்கல் என்பது நமது முன்னோர்களால் தொடங்கி நடத்தி வரப்படும் ஒரு சிறப்பான விழா இவ்விழா நிலத்திலிருந்து நாம் பெறும் உணவிற்காக இறைவனுக்கு நன்றி செலுத்தும் வகையில் பூமித்தாய்க்கு சிறப்பாக கொண்டாடப்படுகிற விழா !.smile இல்லத்தை தூய்மை செய்து புத்தாடை உடுத்தி இறைவனை வணங்கி புது பானையில் புத்தரிசியைச் சருக்கரை, பால், நெய் சேர்த்துப் புதுப் பானையிலிட்டுப் புத்தடுப்பில் கொதிக்க வைத்துப் பொங்கல் சோறாக்கி சூரியனுக்கும் மாட்டுக்கும் smileபடைத்து அதனை ஏழை எளியவர்களுக்கு அளித்து தாங்களும் உண்டு மகிழ்ச்சியுடன் smile கொண்டாடும் நன்னாளே பொங்கல். smile
அனைவருக்கும் இனிய பொங்கல் திருநாள் நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்! smile
வாங்க அப்படியே ஒரு குழு புகைப்படம் smile! எடுக்கலாம்!
15 Jan
Alaganabu [Offline] / Happy pongal
pongal pathi sollanumna
Ulavar thirunal nu sollalam
eanaku therijatha solran
ulavu seaithu malai kaalathil vivasaayam saithu puthitaaga vilaya vaitha nel kondu pongal saithu vevasaayathuku utaviya suriyanuku nandri solli padayal sevathu matru vivasayathuku udhaviya kaal nadaigal ku aaadu maadu kum marunaal pongal moondravatha kaanum pongal anniku friends r relitives soda kondada kudiyathu annaikuthan gramangalla vilayaatulam vaipaaanga maina pongal na muthalla neyabagam varuvathu karumbu
na entha pongal valakampoola kondaduran happy pongal

15 Jan
][_ManI_][ [Offline] / Pongalo pongal!!!!
Pongal Patri sila kurippugal

Thai pongal tamil makkalal uruvaakkapatta oru
pongal vizha tamilnadu mattum indri Singapore,Sri Lanka, Malasiya , South Africa, America And Europa pontra sila tamilzhargal vazhum nadukalilum kondada
Pongal pandigai 4 days nadakkum 4 types la..
1st one boghi Enpathu Puththar irantha thinamakum ... boghi pandigai andru pazhaiya thuni kalai eriththu ooppari vaipathu vazhakkam...ithukku enna artham entral pazhaiya piratchinaikalai erithu vittu manithan puthiya vazhgai thodankuvathaga nampa padukirathusmile

2nd one Thai pongal;;;
Thai muthal naal tamilzhargalin puththandu agum ...puthu varuda pirapil sooriyanai vara verkum oru vizha agum..pongal vasalil vaiththu sooriyanai varaverpathey

3rd one MAATTU PONGAL;;;
nan parampariya velaiyana vivasayathirgu muthugelumpaga irupathu maadu than ...athanai pongal vaiththu maattirgu entha noi nodiyum vara koodathunu pongal vaithu vanakuvathey intha vizha ..pongal2.

4th one kaanum pongal;;;
intha vizha than uravu kalai santhiththu unavu porukalai pakirnthu kolvathey agum..ithan moolam than uravu kalai membaduthi kolvathey

Nam pandikaiyai paaththu India vil veru peyarkalilum kondada padukirathu( makar sankrati,magu bihu,uttarayana,Maghi,maghe sankranti,shakrain).
14 Jan
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_vasaNTH_5n [Offline] / PoNgAlO pOnGaL
Thamilargalin mukkiya pandigaiyaaga pongal kondaatapadukirathu
Pongal Enbathu aruvadai Naal aagum
Thai muthal Naal aruvadaiku
Ugandha naalaaga eatrukollapadukirathu
Thai thirunaal tamil puthaandu enavum pinnar chithirai muthal Naal tharpothu kondaadapadukirathu
Thai piranthathal Vali pirakkum
Enbathu valakkam
Muthal Naal andru
Inippu puththaadai aninthu
Pongal karumbu vaithu kondaaduvaargal
Ulagil ellaa naadugalilum
Ulla anaithu tamilargalum
Miga sirappaaga kondaatapadukirathu
Irandaam Naal maattu pongal
Athuvum mattirgu nalla kulippatti pottu vaithu maattai nallaaa alangariththu athargu pongal padaithu valipaduvaargal
Varudam muluvathum nallaa ulaikira maattirgu nallaaa mariyaathai seluthuvargal
Pongal pandikai Endraaal enakku
Ninaivukku varuvathu
Pongal karumbu jallikattu thaan special enga ooru madurai la alangaanallur jallikattu world famous miga sirappaaga nadaiperum
Ennaikume Nammaloda paarampariyatha marakka koodathu atha aliyaaama kaappathu Ovvoru thamilanin kadamaiyaagum
Naan veelven endru ninaiththaaayo
Onne Onnu solren
Enga paarampariyatha alikka
Vida maattom
Veeramna thottupaar
Vivegamnaa ethirthupaar
Viswasamnaa palagipaar
[peta va solren]
En iniya anaithu sonthagalukkum
En iniya pongal nalvaalththukkal
14 Jan
[_GaJiNi_] [Offline] / Happy pongal

smilevivasayathirkum atharku uruthunai yaga irukkum kalnadaigal Kum perumai patuthum vithamaga pongal pandigai kondada patugirathu.pongal pandigai Tamil natil migavum sirapaga manvasanai udankondada patugirathusmile
smileynga urula margali last pogi pandigai...palaiyana kalithalum puthiyana puguthalum pogi nu annaiku veetu fulla clean panni paint panni suthuam
Thai muthal naal pongal pandigai..ynga uru side Thai frst annaiku evening suriyan maraium pothu pongal vaipaga..puthu paanai la pacharisi pottu ..athu pongi varum pothu pongalooo pongal nu satham potuvaga.
2m naal maatu pongal..annaiku ulavukku uthaviya Kal nadaikalukku nandri sollum vithamaga kulipatti kombuku colour pain panni..colour podilam pottu Malai la pottu alangaram panni pongal vachu ..maadu ku uutuvaga..
Next kaanum pongal annai ynga area fullajollya dress lapottu .potti la vachu jollya celebrate pannuvom.innum niraya sollirukalam but sry frds..ynakku udambusari illa so simple ahh sollirukean..but pongal ynnoda favorite pandigai..3days semma jollya irukkum.smilesemma jolly..ithu pola yellorum jollya man vaasanai Oda celebrate pannunga..mudincha village la poi jollya celebrate

smileiniya thamilar thirunal valthukkal to all tn frdssmile
8 Jan
Saall25 [Offline] / Enaku oru doubt
Ennathaan color color ah soap potalum.........
Nurai enamo vellaiya ta varuthu yen?
Moonja kaluvum pothu yosichathu
7 Jan
]_AniTha_[ (100 sec) / :D
nee ipdi 70 ids create pannina nerathuku, oru velaiku poirukalamla smile smile nee 70 id create pannitu, avangala kindal panriya. po oru vela vettiku smile.apdilam nan kepeanu mattum ninachuraatha AJ , smile nan apdilam keka maten smile
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